Auto Accident Chiropractic Care

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Auto Accident Chiropractic Care in Colleyville, Texas

Have you recently been in a car accident? It’s possible that you may not feel injured after a minor crash, but you should always make an appointment with our Colleyville, Texas chiropractic office right away. Not only is it important to have your spine examined to ensure no trauma has occurred, but if you don’t see a medical practitioner soon after your accident, your insurance company may not accept your injuries as having arisen from the accident and may deny payment for them.

What to Expect From Your Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Do I need an attorney?

The short answer is possibly, the long answer is ?nd one that you can talk to and work with. If your attorney tries to pressure you into getting chiropractic treatment where he wants you to, instead of somewhere he knows can help you get better, question his motives.

Who will pay for my injuries?

If you have “med pay” or “personal injury protection (PIP)” insurance it ALWAYS pays for chiropractic to treat injuries that the company has accepted. I deal with many accident cases. I have never had ANY trouble getting paid for my services. Your auto insurance will pay for your chiropractic treatment plan, relax about that and concentrate on getting better.

Should I have X-rays?

We have complete X-ray facilities at our Texas chiropractic office. We take and develop them in house so that your case is expedited. While each case is individual, these are important documents to have in the event your case goes to court. You may require an MRI, and we refer out for MRI services and work closely with a select group of clinics.

The most common injury following a car accident is whiplash or hyperextension/ hyperflexion injury to the spine. Chiropractors are spinal specialists. Who better to treat this injury?

In a car accident, joints are often pushed beyond their normal range of motion. Joint capsules, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissue are pushed beyond their limits. Chiropractors are trained to assess the full extent of these injuries and to properly treat them resulting in a full recovery.

What happens after the “Acute” stage?

As your therapy progresses we will discuss and demonstrate stretches and exercises that you will do at home. Call this your homework. We will not recommend this while you are acute. Acute means that you are in pain, you should be out of pain before starting exercises or stretches. Be patient. A Chiropractor will give the same exercises and stretches a P.T. gives as soon as the patient is out of pain, and give an exercise program to continue at the completion of care.

What about at Physical Therapist, PT?

If you go to a P.T. you are not dealing with a “Physician.” Only M.D.s and D.C.s are legally “Physicians” therefore you can’t go to a P.T. without an M.D. or Chiropractor (D.C.) referral. This is still true if they have the D.P.T. (doctor of Physical Therapy) title. So make sure you have a referral from an M.D. or D.C. if you want P.T. We have wonderful PT’s that we refer to should you desire that service. We believe that medical professionals should ALL work together for the welfare of the patient.

What if I am not getting better?

As with all health professionals, when a patient is not progressing we refer out based on the needs of the patient and our expertise. If you go to an M.D. and they tell you not to see the chiropractor and have a weak reason, look for a more progressive M.D. Good physicians cooperate.