ALY’s Day – Thursday 5 March

ALY’s Day – Thursday 5 March post thumbnail
Hello and good day to all of you!

Today I want to write to you about Aly. You may recall meeting a dark haired lady in our office, Aly, who greeted everyone with a smile.  She worked here on and off since last summer.  Aly volunteered to help us out when Courtney took maternity leave last September and October, working most every day.
Just before Christmas, Aly learned that she had metastatic melanoma.  She first went to Texas Health Alliance Hospital where an MRI revealed a tumor on her brain. She was then Care Flighted to Texas Health Hospital in Downtown Fort Worth for surgery.  Since then she has learned that the cancer has spread throughout her body.  The disease has rendered her unable to use her left arm, and her left leg is much impaired.  Although Aly obtained health insurance in early January, she was un-insured when she had the surgery on her brain. 

On Tuesday, March 5th, we will have Aly’s Day in our office.  That means we will have a raffle and donate all the proceeds from our patient visits on that day to a Go Fund Me account that has been set up for Aly.      
If you would like to donate to that account, please follow the button below that says ‘DONATE NOW’.  Or phone us to set up an appointment on Thursday, 5 March.
Yours for better health,
Jon Mills, DC