How the parts of your body connect for better health

How the parts of your body connect for better health post thumbnail

It is interesting to observe how patients do not realize how the various parts of their own bodies work together to promote health. They don’t realize how the function of individual parts such as the feet affect their bodies as a whole. Most patients grow up receiving treatment in a traditional medical care model so this is not familiar to them.

I hope to help our patients understand that the body parts are all connected, with the feet as their foundation. When the three arches of the foot – called the plantar vaults –are not properly aligned, they can destabilize other parts of the body like the spine, leading to pain and decreased mobility. By identifying and treating the true cause of the pain rather than chasing pain symptoms, I can provide more effective care with greater patient satisfaction. This begins by educating patients about the kinetic chain and the foot-spine connection and stabilizing all three arches of their feet with custom flexible orthotics for optimal kinetic chain function and better overall health.

What is the kinetic chain?The kinetic chain is an engineering concept for describing human movement. The kinetic chain consists of overlapping segments connected via joints whereby movement at one joint produces or affects movement in another joint.A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If one link in the kinetic chain doesn’t function properly, other links, like the hips and spine, can be compromised as well. When pain is felt within the kinetic chain, that weak link is often the feet. If foot dysfunction isn’t addressed, it could undermine the success of your chiropractic adjustments and care plan.
Dysfunctional Feet = Dysfunctional Kinetic ChainThe excessive foot pronation (typically people have flatter feet as they age) I frequently observe in patients creates a faulty and asymmetrical body foundation and dysfunctional kinetic chain. As you follow the feet upwards, you can see the effects that the feet have on the body, working through the linked points that form the kinetic chain. This is illustrated by this model.
Yours for better health,
Jon Mills, DC