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Welcome to Mills Chiropractic Colleyville. Located at 4601 Colleyville Blvd  #120 in the heart of Colleyville, TX. We serve patients from Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, H.E.B., North Richland Hills, Keller, Watauga and beyond. We are a small practice, treating all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Whether you are currently a client, or considering becoming one, our professional staff will be pleased to answer your questions about our facilities, programs, classes, appointments, or any of our services. We also welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Feel free to contact us by calling, emailing or stopping by to say hello in person. Or click this link.

We’re happy you’re here and we’re excited that you’re taking the first steps to take control of your health and live a life of abundance. At Mills Chiropractic, it’s truly about you. We pride ourselves on quality care, customer service, and 100% integrity. We focus not only on helping our patients achieve optimal health, but also to educate and transform communities so that they can help others in achieving our vision – to witness a world that expresses abundant health. Each and every day, we open our eyes and minds to new research and findings to ensure that our patients are receiving great care and experiencing exceptional results.

Chiropractic Services in Colleyville TX

We’ve been doing this for over twenty years and we see the benefit in caring for families with a holistic approach. Many of our patients consider us as their go-to place, in the ways of prevention, wellness, and healthy lifestyle advice. Our focus is on optimizing the inborn potential of the body to heal itself through the nervous system. Patients share with us how symptoms through out the body, not just those centred around the spine, are often resolved through corrective chiropractic adjustments. In all cases, we focus not just on symptoms, but rather total correction of root causes of health problems. This is why chiropractic services are becoming increasingly popular as an individual’s first choice to complete health and wellness.

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